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Welcome to the online home of the Higher Education Council of San Antonio.  We are pleased to offer you this overview of higher education in San Antonio, Texas.  We hope you’ll take some time to discover what San Antonio has to offer college students of all ages and backgrounds.  Whether you are about to graduate from high school and are enrolling in college for the first time, seeking a post-secondary degree, or want to improve your skills to increase your marketability in the workforce, there is a college or university in San Antonio with a program for you. 

Our organization exists to promote higher education to and for all citizens of San Antonio, and in turn, to promote San Antonio to those who may be considering relocating here for education, business or retirement. The students and graduates of San Antonio public and private colleges and universities enrich our city every day with the knowledge and expertise they gain while pursuing their education. The faculty and staff at our city's colleges and universities are among the best in the nation, with a number of state, national and international award-winning programs.